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The Pop Of Zero Podcast
The Poz Cast:

Episode 16: Preview of 2022

In this podcast, we will tell you what we have planned for the youtube page and a sneak peek at what we will be doing.

Episode 15: All Hail to Thee (Stephen) KING!

Tyger is back! We talk about Stephen King's work in film and books. We also talk about some locations we went to.

Episode 12: Satanic Panic Part 1

In the 80's there was a witch hunt on heavy metal, movies, and entertainment, it was all the Devil,  but some were true. 

Episode 10: The Fox sisters and Zachary Atkinson from Disamal Ghost

Matt sits down with Zachary Atkinson of Dismal Ghost and talks about indie moving making and the Fox sisters, one of the first paranormal teams that started it all.

Episode 9: Iron Maiden

The crew talk with Mike from Electric Crown Records and a Iron Maiden expert on the history, favorite records, the amazing artwork and more.

Episode 8 :The Dogman

On this episode we talk about the Michigan Dogman. Rob talks about the origin of the first sightings and Matt talks about that he might have had a run in with the Dogman.

Episode 7: Ghost Towns Marlbough and Pine Hill

We talk about some of the ghost towns we visited and what makes a good ghost town.

Pop Of Zero

Haunted History,

Ghost Towns and Urban Legends. We research go on location and report all the interesting and mysterious stories around the Midwest.

Pop Of Zero has been making films, in Flint Michigan, since 2013.


The Screaming Sky, a documentary about the 1953 Flint–Beecher tornado, was the definitive representation of a very real event that directly affected my family. My grandmother’s twin sister, her husband, and their three children were directly in the pathway of the tornado and did  not survive. I cannot thank the filmmakers enough for finally capturing the events of this tragedy.

William Reinhart

Haunting, supernatural forces, and unexplainable phenomenon are literally what I fall asleep to… these are the best.

Jenny Cane

Pop Of Zero