POPULATION Of ZERO was founded in 2013. The mission statement: “To entertain the masses and to have fun while doing it.”
In 2016 we documented a meteorological legend, the 1953 Beecher tornado entitled The Screaming Sky. The movie created a buzz throughout Michigan and was featured in newspapers, radio and television.
ROTTEN TO THEE CORE that was released in 2017 by rave reviews and accepted by film festivals.
In 2018 we give you REFLECTIONS OF FEAR Vol. 1…

If you would like Pop. Of Zero to make a video from filming to producing it we can do it. We can also take your old VHS memories and transform it to the digital age. Please e mail us at popofzero@gmail.com with a brief description of would you would like us to do. We will e mail you back a rough estimate and time it will be completed.


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